Compare Listings

A specially designed Listing Comparison tool for ETSY sellers. Sellers can compare listing details to gain deeper insights into market competition and enhance marketing strategies.

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Trying Out Compare Listings Tool

Select the listing you are interested in or enter the ID or URL to view the comparison results

Why use Compare listings ?

Navigating through various listings back and forth to make a decision can be cumbersome and confusing.
With Compare Listings, users can conveniently group multiple listings and view them in a table format, making it easy to compare data and make informed choices. It enables users to compile their preferred listings and efficiently compare their attributes in a structured table view.

etsy traffic analyzer
etsy traffic analyzer

Compare Multiple Listings

The Compare Listings feature empowers users to optimize their marketing strategies by providing a comprehensive view of competing product listings.
By comparing multiple listings side by side in a table view, users can easily assess essential data like prices, ratings, categories, store details, and listing sales information—all without the need to toggle between interfaces.

What are the Compare Listings features?

1. In-depth competitive product analysis:
By manually entering a Listing ID or URL, sellers can easily compare their listings to those of competitors. In-depth understanding of competitors' pricing, descriptions, labels and other information can provide more targeted references for sellers' pricing and promotional strategies.

2. Real-time market insights:
Provide real-time data comparison, and you can understand the sales changes, popular tags, ratings, etc. of products in different time periods. This helps sellers to grasp market changes more accurately and make timely adjustments.

3. Easy to use, efficient and worry-free:
Simple and friendly user interface, you can get started easily without complicated operations. Comparing multiple listings will be simple and intuitive, saving sellers time and effort.

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