Etsy 101: How To Get 40 Free Listing On Etsy

Free Etsy Listings-How To Get 40 Free Listing On Etsy

Welcome to the exciting world of Etsy! As a seasoned Etsy seller and the marketing manager of, a comprehensive Etsy store manager tool, I understand the importance of saving money while starting your journey on this vibrant marketplace. That's why I'm here to guide you on how to get free listings and save money on Etsy. Let's dive in!

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Free Listings on Etsy
    ○ How many free Etsy listings can you get?
    ○ Where to Get Free Etsy listing codes and promo codes?
    ○ Will The Free Etsy Listing Expire?
  2. Steps to Get 40 Free Etsy Listings
  3. Tips for Optimizing Your Free Listings
  4. Tips to Save Money on Etsy

Understanding the Free Listings on Etsy

Before we delve into the details of how to get 40 free Etsy listings, let's quickly understand what free listings actually mean.

As an Etsy seller, you are typically charged a small fee ($0.20 per item) for listing each item on your shop. However, Etsy often provides promotional offers where they give you a certain number of free listings. These free listings allow you to list your items without paying the standard listing fee. By leveraging these free listings, you can save money while gaining visibility for your shop and products.

How Many Free Etsy Listings Can You Get?

Typically, Etsy offers new sellers a set number of free listings as a promotional offer to help them get started. The number of free listings may vary from time to time. Currently, Etsy is offering an incredible opportunity for beginners to get up to 40 free listings.

Where to Get Free Etsy listing codes and promo codes?

  1. Etsy Free Listing Promotions: Etsy occasionally runs promotional campaigns where they offer free listings to both new and existing sellers. Keep an eye on Etsy's official announcements, newsletters, and social media channels to stay informed about these promotions. Participate in these promotions by following the provided instructions to redeem your free listings.
  2. Etsy Referral Link: Etsy offers referral links that allow existing sellers to invite new sellers to join the platform. If you know a friend or fellow seller who is already on Etsy, ask them to provide you with their referral link, which you can use during your shop setup process. Remember to click on the referral link before signing up on Etsy to ensure both you and the referring seller receive the benefits.
  3. Etsy Free Listing Codes: Look out for free listing codes shared by Etsy or third-party websites. These codes can often be redeemed during the checkout process when you're adding a new listing. Search online for the latest Etsy free listing codes, ensuring you select reliable sources.

Will The Free Etsy Listings Expire?

It's important to note that the free listings on Etsy do not have an expiry date. This grants you the luxury of setting up your shop at your convenience and using the listings as you see fit. Whether you choose to list a new item or renew a sold one, the free listing will be utilized. However, do keep in mind that if your account is closed, you will lose the privilege of having those free listings.

Steps to Get 40 Free Etsy Listings

Here, I will outline the precise steps to get free listings.

Step 1: Sign up for an Etsy Seller Account

If you haven't already, visit Etsy's website ( and sign up for a new account. It's a straightforward process that requires basic information about yourself and your store.

Step 2: Redeem a Free Listing Promo Code

To obtain 40 free Etsy listings, you'll need a promo code. Conduct a quick online search using keywords like "free Etsy listings code" or "Etsy free listing promo code." Visit reputable coupon websites, Etsy forums, or social media groups dedicated to Etsy sellers for potential codes. Once you find a valid promo code, copy it for later use.

Step 3: Apply the Promo Code & Repeat

With your promo code in hand, navigate to your Etsy dashboard and click on "Listings." Select "Add a listing" and proceed to create your first listing.

During the listing creation process, you will come across a field where you can enter a promo code. Enter the code you obtained and click "Apply."

If the promo code is valid and still within its active period, the listing fee will be waived, and you can proceed with publishing your listing without any additional cost.

Etsy's free listing promo codes typically have a limit on the number of times you can use them. To take full advantage of the 40 free listings offer, you will need to repeat the process of creating listings and applying the promo code until you have used all 40 listings.

Tips for Optimizing Your Free Etsy Listings

Now that you know how to acquire free listings, let's discuss strategies to make the most of them.

Tip 1: Craft Captivating Titles and Descriptions

Use descriptive and engaging titles to catch buyers' attention.
Write detailed descriptions that highlight the unique features and benefits of your products.
Incorporate relevant keywords to improve your listing's searchability.

Tip 2: Use High-Quality Photos

Capture clear, well-lit photos that showcase your products from various angles.
Ensure your images accurately represent the colors, textures, and sizes of your items.
Consider using props or lifestyle shots to provide context and enhance visual appeal.

Tip 3: Implement Relevant Tags and Categories

Research popular tags and categories related to your products.
Select tags that accurately describe your items and align with potential buyers' search queries.
Regularly review and update your tags based on trending or seasonal keywords.

Tip 4: Price Your Items Competitively

Research similar products on Etsy to get an idea of the appropriate price range. And consider factors such as materials, labor, and market demand when setting your prices.

Tip 5: Regularly Evaluate and Update Your Listings

Continuously assess the performance of your listings to identify opportunities for improvement. Update your product images, titles, and descriptions based on customer feedback and market trends. So, you can attract more potential buyers and increase the chances of conversion.

Tip 6: Utilize Tools and Apps for Effective Shop Management

Consider using comprehensive Etsy store manager tools like (owned by yours truly!) to streamline your shop management. provide features like shop analysis, and Monitor Your Shop's Performance, helping you make informed decisions about utilizing your free listings effectively.

Tips to Save Money on Etsy

In addition to acquiring free Etsy listings, here are some practical tips to help you save money while running your Etsy shop:

1. Optimize Your Shop Sections and Listings

Carefully organize your shop sections and optimize your product listings with relevant keywords and high-quality images to improve visibility and attract potential customers. By ensuring your listings are appealing and well-optimized, you increase the likelihood of making sales without having to spend extra money on advertising.

2. Monitor and Adjust Your Pricing

Regularly analyze your pricing strategy and compare it to similar products on Etsy. Keep in mind factors like production costs, fees, and shipping expenses while setting your prices. Finding the right balance between competitiveness and profitability can help you attract buyers while maximizing your earnings.

3. Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Run occasional sales, create discount codes, or offer bundles to incentivize customers to make multiple purchases. This strategy can help boost your sales while maintaining customer loyalty.

4. Streamline Your Shipping Process

Efficiently managing your shipping process can lead to significant savings. Compare shipping rates from different carriers and choose the most cost-effective options for your products.
Consider utilizing Etsy's shipping labels feature, which often offers discounted rates for sellers. Additionally, explore bulk shipping options to save time and money when fulfilling multiple orders.

Remember, building a successful Etsy business takes time, effort, and dedication. By leveraging Etsy's 40 free listings, promoting your shop effectively, and implementing smart strategies, you can save money while growing your Etsy business.

Best of luck on your Etsy journey, and may your shop thrive!