Etsy 101: 100+ AI-Powered Etsy Tools for the Savvy Seller

Etsy SEO Tools-100+ AI-Powered Etsy Tools for the Savvy Seller

Dear fellow Etsy sellers,

We understand the challenges of starting and running a small business. That's why we want to share with you some powerful Etsy tools to help you on your journey. Today, we've curated a list of over 100 AI-powered tools that can help you streamline your Etsy business operations. These tools can help you manage everything from product creation to Etsy SEO, marketing and optimization. We hope this list will brow your mind and take your Etsy store to the next level.

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Tools for Setting up a New Etsy Shop

Namelix: Etsy Business/Shop Name Generator

Namelix is an online naming tool that provides a wealth of creative naming options for your shop or brand. The best part is that it even generates logo ideas in different styles, helping you better understand the look and feel of your brand.

Etsy SEO Tools-Etsy Business/Shop Name Generator

ChatGPT: Etsy Privacy Policy Generator

ChatGPT can generate a privacy policy for your Etsy store that meets your business needs and complies with Etsy's rules and regulations. All you have to do is provide it with relevant information about your business, your website, and the type of data you collect and use in your Etsy store. Once you have provided it with this information, it can generate a privacy policy that accurately and legally reflects the privacy practices of your Etsy store in less than a minute.

My additional advice to you is to prepare some examples of Etsy seller privacy policies before seeking advice from Chatgpt.

Tools for Listing Management

Vela: Etsy Listing Bulk Editor

Vela is a listing management tool for Etsy and Shopify sellers. This powerful platform makes it easy to make bulk edits and upload to your listings, saving you hours of time and effort. Whether you're updating prices, adding new images, or managing multiple shops, Vela can help you. 

Etsy SEO Tools-Vela: Etsy Listing Bulk Editor

Etsy Tags Tool for Etsy Hunt: Etsy tag generator tool

This Etsy Tag extension can help you find relevant, low competition Etsy tags/keywords to improve your listings in one click.

Etsy SEO Tools-Etsy tag generator tool

Esale: Etsy Listing Optimization tool

By adhering to the Etsy Seller's Handbook and Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can optimize your titles, distribution, tags, descriptions, and more, which will boost your Etsy SEO and drive more sales. Esale provides valuable recommendations through thorough and automated analysis of each listing on your Etsy store. In addition, with its automated keyword import and category CVR benchmarking features, Esale simplifies the store optimization process, allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors. In addition, uploading listings is a breeze since Esale supports one-click syncing to Etsy.

Etsy SEO Tools-Etsy Listing Optimization tool

Tools for Research and Promotion

Google Trends & Etsy Keywords Research Tools

Google Trends is an essential research tool for anyone wants to stay ahead of market trends and understand their customers' needs. The tool can help you identify relevant keywords that you may not have considered before and help you understand how certain keywords are performing over time and how they compare to others in your field. This is because you can check global search trends completely free of charge.

Etsy SEO Tools-Google Trends

But using it to analyze a large number of keywords and search terms can be time-consuming. For success, you should get a more complete picture of your customers' search behavior. So, you need to consider investing in additional market research tools to supplement your findings. For example,

  • EtsyHunt is a research tool for Etsy sellers that allows them to uncover popular keywords, identify trends, and track competitors. With EtsyHunt, you can get a more detailed understanding of your target market and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
Etsy SEO Tools-EtsyHunt
  • eRank is a platform that provides sellers on Etsy with valuable information on top-performing products, keywords, and market trends. The tool helps you identify profitable product niches, track competitor sales, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales.
Etsy SEO Tools-eRank
  • Marmalead is a popular research and optimization tool for Etsy sellers. With Marmalead, you can find the most relevant keywords for your products, optimize your listings for search engines, and track your shop's performance over time. The tool also provides valuable insights into your industry, competitors, and customers.
Etsy SEO Tools-Marmalead

These Etsy SEO tools are carefully crafted for Etsy sellers, with features that are fully optimized for their use - just like the ones we created at - to provide you with the research data you need for your product effortlessly. While Google Trends is a great starting point to identify trends and keyword ideas, using these additional research tools can help you get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Photo/Design Inspiration Tools

You should consider incorporating some inspiration into your design work. Fortunately, there are some great resources to help you get started.
The first is Pinterest, a wonderful photo-sharing social networking site where you can create themed collections of images and links. You can also check out other users' boards for inspiration and ideas.

Another great option is Dribbble, a social platform dedicated to designers. Here, you can showcase your own work and interact with other designers from around the world. It's a great way to get feedback and inspiration for your own designs.

Finally, you may want to check out Design Inspiration, an independent platform dedicated to sharing fascinating design work in a range of fields - from logos and graphics to branding and web design. On this platform, you can discover popular works and portfolios, and get a variety of creative and visual inspiration.

Etsy SEO Tools-Designinspiration

Font & Color Tools

With photo inspiration, it is also important to choose the right color scheme and font design.

For colors, you can use color sites like Colorhunt or ColorSpace to optimize your store's color scheme and find the color scheme that best fits your store's theme.

Etsy SEO Tools-Font & Color Tools

For fonts, you can browse and download commercially licensed fonts from websites like Google Fonts,, or

Whether it's store design or product design, choosing the right colors and fonts can greatly enhance your product's appeal, while appropriate social media promotion definitely requires a good balance of colors, fonts, and other factors to match your store and product display and promotion.

Photo Edit Tools

No doubt you'll need to create promotional materials and social media cover images. Here are some image editing tools to help you get the job done:
Canva is a user-friendly choice, with templates and resources that make it ideal for beginners. Adobe Express and Snapseed are great for quick mobile editing, while Photoshop and Lightroom offer more advanced features for professional photo editing. There are also options such as PicMonkey, Gimp, and Pixlr, which are perfect for simple editing tasks.

Etsy SEO Tools-Photo Edit Tools

Etsy Mock-up Tools

For some Etsy sellers, Mock-up tools are essential. These tools help them to create virtual samples quickly and efficiently so that customers can preview and evaluate products. Using these tools, they can create virtual pictures, videos, or mock-ups of the products in question. These models can simulate the effect of products in graphic design, packaging design, apparel design, home decoration, etc., thus attracting more customers and increasing sales on Etsy.

Here are a few recommended Mock-up tools:

  1. Artboard Studio - - A web-based design tool that simplifies the mock-up creation process with thousands of fully customizable templates.
  2. Placeit - - A user-friendly Mock-up generator that lets you easily create realistic product photos for your online store with just a few clicks.
  3. Mockup World - - A site with an extensive library of free and paid Mock-ups for digital and print design.
  4. Figma - - A design and collaboration tool that enables teams to create prototypes, wireframes, and models in real-time.
  5. MockPlus - - A comprehensive prototyping tool that allows designers to create interactive mock-ups for web and mobile applications without any coding.
  6. Sketch - - A popular digital design tool that provides designers with powerful tools to create high-fidelity Mock-ups, UI/UX designs, and more.
  7. Adobe XD - - A design and collaboration tool that helps designers easily create interactive wireframes, prototypes, and designs.
Etsy SEO Tools-Mock-up tools

Social Media Management Tools

Facing fierce competition in the market, Etsy sellers need more promotional opportunities and more effective ways to attract the attention of potential customers.

Social media, one of the most popular forms of online marketing, offers Etsy sellers a plethora of display and marketing opportunities. However, managing multiple social media accounts individually can be difficult, time-consuming, and uneconomical. Therefore, Etsy sellers need tools to help them better manage and optimize their social media accounts.

Buffer is a tool that automates the posting and analysis of social media results. Later is a smart tool for creating and scheduling posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. Tailwind is a comprehensive management tool designed for Pinterest and Instagram. Hootsuite is a cross-platform social media management tool that integrates with a large number of social media platforms. Inpreview is a tool that helps Instagram accounts create more creative and personalized typesetting and posting.

Etsy SEO Tools-Buffer is a tool that automates the posting and analysis of social media results

In addition, I hope you know link-shortening tools like and Tiny Url. Simply copy and paste your Etsy shop URL into the link-shortening tool and it will generate a shorter, easier-to-remember link that you can include in social media posts, advertisements, and any other promotions you're doing for your shop. They can also provide valuable analytics: how many clicks your shortened links receive, where those clicks are coming from, and how many unique visitors are clicking through to your shop.

Etsy SEO Tools-link shortening tools

Just in case, I would also like to introduce three useful social media growth aids:

PinGroupie is a Pinterest search engine that allows you to find the most popular group boards and pins, which helps to understand your target audience and optimize your product accordingly.
Social Blade is a social media analytics tool that enables you to analyze social media accounts to create better marketing strategies and increase audience engagement.
Flick is an Instagram-focused tool that provides effective hashtag strategy, planning and analytics to help you increase followers and improve exposure and engagement on your Instagram account.

Ad Spy & Ad Library Tools

Advertising is an effective way for e-commerce to increase sales and win more customers. Using ad libraries and ad spy tools can not only help sellers achieve their business growth goals, but can also inspire new ad ideas.
Facebook and Tiktok offer public ad databases that contain ads running on their platforms. However, ad libraries alone do not provide sufficient ad analytics tools. This is where ad spy tools become useful. Ad spy tools typically offer a wider range of filters and analytics options that provide more insight into the placement strategy and profiling capabilities of an ad. Some options for ad spy tools include BigSpy, and PowerAdSpy.

If you have limited growth in your Etsy store, you can use ad libraries and ad spy tools to conduct ad research, find new inspiration, and develop more effective ad strategies to achieve your business growth goals. Take advantage of these tools to gain a competitive edge in the crowded Etsy marketplace.

Etsy SEO Tools-BigSpy

Tools for Shipping and Fulfillment

Etsy Price/Fee/Profit Calculator

In fact, Etsy sellers have a number of affordable, user-friendly calculators that can be used to calculate their cost of sales on Etsy - EtsyHunt's calculator is one such example.

Etsy SEO Tools-Etsy Price/Fee/Profit Calculator

Etsy Print-on-Demand Companies and Sites

If you're someone who enjoys the creative process but doesn't want the stress of mass-producing a product, print-on-demand may be the perfect solution for you. This fulfillment model allows you to work with a manufacturer who handles the production and shipping of your product, saving you a lot of time and money.

It is always important to do your research and choose the best on-demand printing company for your needs. You'll want to thoroughly examine each platform's product catalog, shipping options, and unique features before making a decision.

Etsy sellers have had success with tools like Printful and Printify, but don't limit yourself. Other print-on-demand options to explore include Gelato, Redbubble, Gooten, Print Aura, and Teelaunch.

Etsy SEO Tools-Demand Companies and Sites

Tools for Customer Service

Etsy Reviews Related Tool

The Etsy reviews follow reminder tool is great for new Etsy sellers that can help increase the number of reviews you receive from customers who have purchased from your shop.

Here's an example of how the tool works: Let's say a customer purchases a product from your shop. After they receive their order, the reviews follow reminder tool will automatically send them a friendly follow-up message thanking them for their purchase and kindly asking them to consider leaving a review if they enjoyed their experience.

This reminder is really helpful because sometimes customers may forget to leave a review, even if they were happy with their purchase. By sending them a friendly reminder, you can increase the chances that they will leave a review, helping to boost your reputation and attract new customers to your shop.

So, if you're looking for a simple way to increase the number of reviews you receive on Etsy and improve your shop's reputation, I encourage you to try out the Etsy reviews follow reminder tool!

Email Marketing Tool

Some Etsy sellers may need an Email marketing tool. Here are some recommendations:
● Gmplus —— Auto write/reply email for you with the help of ChatGPT.
● Really Good Emails —— give you inspiration on how to design your Email.
● ConvertKit —— Let you know if the email actually reaches the Inbox instead of spam.

Other Productivity Tools That Can Come in Handy

Etsy Seller is a knowledge worker, time is your biggest resource. By finding time management techniques that work well for you, you'll be able to make the most of your 8 hours. The following tools can help you organize and streamline your tasks, ensuring that you stay on top of your to-do list.

  1. Trello: Trello is a versatile app that helps you stay organized by creating to-do lists and checklists. It allows you to track the progress of your everyday tasks and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
  2. Todoist: If you prefer a straightforward to-do app, Todoist is a great choice. It enables you to create and manage your tasks efficiently, keeping you on top of your to-do list and deadlines.
  3. Evernote: Evernote offers a range of functionalities, including saving webpages, highlighting important information, and organizing notes. It's a valuable tool for storing references, inspiration, and ideas that you can revisit later.
  4. Zapier: Zapier is an automation tool that facilitates seamless connections between different apps. For instance, when you list a new product or a product renews or sells, you'll need to create posts on Social Media. With Zapier, you can set up automation so that your new posts will be automatically shared on platforms like Pinterest and Facebook, saving you time and effort.
  5. IFTTT: IFTTT (If This, Then That) is another automation tool that emphasizes connecting smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. It enables you to create customized workflows and automate actions based on specific triggers, enhancing your efficiency in managing your Etsy shop.

Boost Your Etsy Shop's Success with AI-Powered Tool

Don't let the challenges of running a small business get in your way. With our list of 100+ AI-powered Etsy tools, you can streamline your operations and focus on what really matters: growing your Etsy shop. Trust me, these tools will be a game changer!