Etsy Shop Analysis Introduction

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What is Etsy Store Analysis

Etsy Store Analysis is one of the three main feature modules offered by Esale. Its primary purpose is to provide you with operational metrics and trends for your Etsy shop, helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of your product and order situations.

Through the Store Analysis feature, you can assess the health of your shop and examine the data changes in your conversion funnel. This allows you to identify any gaps in the buyer's journey that may hinder purchase behavior. Additionally, based on customer value and product analysis, you can identify products that lack appeal and those with potential for explosive growth, enabling you to make targeted improvements.

Esale - Etsy Store Analysis

Consist of Etsy Store Analysis

The Etsy Store Analysis consists of six parts: Shop Overview, Customer Analysis, Sales Map, Product Analysis, Conversion List, and Recommended Product Combinations. These dashboards work together to provide you with a comprehensive view of your shop's performance.

Store Overview

The Store Overview provides you with the core operational metrics of your Etsy shop, including views, sales, conversion rate, revenue, and number of buyers. It allows you to quickly assess your shop's recent sales performance and understand how your business is doing.

By reviewing the metrics in the Store Overview, you can gain insights into the number of views your shop has received, the number of products sold, the conversion rate of visitors to buyers, the total revenue generated, and the number of unique buyers who made purchases. These metrics give you a snapshot of your shop's sales performance and help you gauge its overall health and success.

With the Store Overview, you can easily track and monitor your shop's key operational indicators, allowing you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to optimize your sales and improve your shop's performance.

Order Analysis

The Order Analysis feature in Etsy provides in-depth analysis of your shop's orders and customer data for a selected time period, building upon the data available in the Etsy shop manager.

Esale - Etsy Order Analysis
Esale - Etsy Order Analysis

By utilizing the Order Analysis functionality, you can gain insights into various key metrics related to your customers and orders. These metrics include average order value, the number of new orders, the number of new customers, and the average number of items purchased per customer. These data indicators help you assess the effectiveness of your recent marketing campaigns and promotional strategies.

By analyzing Customer-related metrics, you can evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts on customer acquisition, order volume, and average customer spending. This information enables you to make data-driven decisions and adjust your marketing and promotional activities to optimize customer engagement, increase sales, and enhance overall business performance.

Sales Map

The Sales Map displays the distribution of orders generated by country, along with the corresponding sales volume and revenue for each country. This functionality helps you gain insights into your audience and understand the geographic distribution of your customer base.

By visualizing the sales data on a map, you can easily identify which countries are driving the most sales and revenue for your shop. This information can be valuable for making informed business decisions, such as targeting specific regions for marketing campaigns or optimizing your shipping and fulfillment strategies.

The Sales Map provides a clear overview of the countries where your products are in high demand and where you have a strong customer base. This knowledge can guide your expansion efforts and help you tailor your products, marketing messages, and customer support to better serve customers in different regions.

Esale - Sales Map
Esale - Sales Map

Product Analysis

The Product Analysis in Etsy Store Analytics provides statistics on the number of products in your shop, the number of products that have been favored by users, and the number of products that have received orders. This analysis helps you assess the overall health and performance of your shop's products.

By examining these metrics, you can gain insights into the popularity and demand for your products. For example, a high number of favorited products indicates that users find your products appealing and are interested in them. Similarly, a high number of products with orders indicates that customers are actively purchasing your items.

Analyzing the health of your Etsy shop's products can help you make informed decisions about inventory management, product development, and marketing strategies. It allows you to identify which products are resonating with customers and driving sales, as well as which products may need further optimization or promotion.

Esale - Product Analysis

Conversion list

The Conversion List in Etsy Shop Analysis displays the browsing, favoriting, and sales data for all the listings in your shop. It also provides the payment conversion rate, which helps you identify listings with potential.

By reviewing the data in the Conversion List, you can gain insights into the performance of your listings. You can see how many times each listing has been viewed, favorited, and sold. Additionally, the payment conversion rate indicates the percentage of views that resulted in a sale.

This information allows you to identify which listings are attracting the most interest and generating sales. You can use it to prioritize and optimize your product offerings. Listings with high conversion rates indicate strong customer interest and potential profitability. On the other hand, listings with low conversion rates may require further analysis and optimization to improve their performance.

The Conversion List helps you make data-driven decisions about your product selection, pricing, and marketing strategies. It enables you to focus on listings that have the potential to generate more sales and optimize underperforming listings to increase their conversion rates.

Esale - Conversion list

Recommended Product Combinations

The Recommended Product Combinations feature identifies multiple products that are frequently purchased together within the same order. It helps users uncover product combinations that have growth potential.

By analyzing order data, the Recommended Product Combinations feature identifies patterns and correlations between products that are often purchased together. This information can be valuable for cross-selling and upselling strategies. It allows you to identify complementary or related products that customers are likely to be interested in.

By promoting these recommended product combinations, you can increase average order value and encourage customers to explore additional items in your shop. This feature helps you optimize your product offerings and capitalize on the natural associations between certain products.

By leveraging the insights from Recommended Product Combinations, you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers and drive more sales by suggesting relevant and complementary products to accompany their purchases.


No data displayed in the Shop Analysis after binding an Etsy shop?

Esale only shows the data from your linked Etsy store. If you're not seeing any data for the day you linked your store, you can initiate a data synchronization by clicking the "Sync Store Data" button located on the right side of your shop's dashboard in Esale.

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