Etsy 101: How To Find Low Competition Etsy Niches

How To Find Low Competition Etsy Niches

Dear Etsy Beginner,

Congratulations on starting your journey as an Etsy seller! As an experienced Etsy seller, I understand that choosing the right niche for your shop can be a daunting task. However, with the right approach and resources, finding profitable and low-competition Etsy niches can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this letter, I'll share some tips on how to find low-competition Etsy niches and generate unique Etsy niche ideas to help your store thrive.

First, let's start with some basic definitions.

Understanding Etsy Niche

An Etsy niche is a specific product or category that you specialize in. It's important to have a niche as it helps you stand out from the competition and target a specific audience. For example, instead of selling "jewelry," you can specialize in "handmade boho-style necklaces." This way, customers who are specifically looking for that style will find your shop and potentially make a purchase.

Tips for Finding Low Competition but Profitable Etsy Niches

Finding a niche with low competition is crucial to your success as a new seller. Here are 3 basic tips to help you find low-competition Etsy niches:

  1. Research Your Competitors: Use Etsy's search function to search for keywords related to your products. Look at the shops that come up and see what they're selling. If you find that a lot of shops are selling similar products, it may not be a low-competition niche.
  2. Look for Gaps in the Market: Consider what products you're interested in and see if there are any gaps in the market. For example, if you notice a lot of sellers are selling boho-style necklaces, but there are no sellers specializing in boho-style earrings, that could be a potential low-competition niche.
  3. Use Keyword Tools: There are various Etsy keyword research tools such as available that can help you find low-competition niches.

But if you want to spot profitable niches on Etsy, you should know the following tips:

  • Look for indicators of high demand: To find popular niches on Etsy, look for indicators such as niche keywords appearing in the search bar autocomplete function, "bestseller" and "popular now" badges in search results, "In xx carts" text appearing in multiple listings, and many sellers with high sales and reviews. You can also look for trending product ideas outside of Etsy, such as those trending on Instagram.
  • Estimate competition levels: It's important to estimate the competition level when choosing a profitable Etsy niche. Check the number of listings competing in the same keyword, the number of successful sellers competing, and the quality of the best-selling listings. Also, consider niche down from popular product categories to smaller sub-niches to find ideas that are less competitive but still have a good level of demand. For example, Jewelry, Nipple Jewelry VS Chain & Link Bracelets.
Etsy Niche - Estimate competition levels
  • Analyze Etsy reviews: If you have a niche idea in mind, analyze the reviews of your close competitors. Look for customer reviews that are 2-4 stars and focus on their suggestions or complaints. These are product features that your competitors may not be providing at the moment, and they could present a great opportunity for you to step in and create a better product.
Etsy Niche - Analyze Etsy reviews
Etsy Niche - Analyze Etsy reviews
  • Understand profitability: Before investing your valuable time and money, it's important to understand the profitability of potential niches. Estimate the cost of materials, consider the production time required, factor in the cost of shipping, and check the usual price range that the product is selling at. With these factors, you can have a good idea of the profitability of the niche and choose the niche with higher profit potential.
Etsy Niche - Understand profitability
  • Find a niche that suits you: Lastly, identify niches that are suitable for you in terms of passion, skills, and unique advantage. This will help you focus your limited time and energy on shop ideas that actually have a higher chance of working. By focusing on a sub-niche, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and attract customers who are specifically looking for that type of product.

Tips for Generating Your Unique Etsy Niche Ideas

Now that you know how to spot profitable niches on Etsy, it's time to generate some unique ideas that can help you stand out from the competition. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Think Outside the Box: Instead of just replicating what's already out there, think of ways to make your products unique. This could mean using different materials, incorporating different styles, or offering customizations.
  2. Focus on Your Passion: Consider what you're passionate about and how you can incorporate that into your niche. This will help you stay motivated and interested in your work.
  3. Consider Trends: Stay up to date with current trends in your niche and see how you can incorporate them into your products.
  4. Get Feedback: Ask friends, family, or potential customers for feedback on your niche and product ideas. This can help you refine your ideas and create a product that people will love.

In conclusion, finding a profitable niche on Etsy takes time and research, but with these tips, you'll be able to brainstorm unique niche ideas and spot the best profitable niches on Etsy.

Best of luck,